Carob Molasses

Carob molasses (Locust molasses) is produced by using latest production technology where we also prevent, contrary to classical ways, getting burnt off the product. Consequently, it is produced without destroying vitamins and minerals. It is % 100 pure carob molasses and additive free. 

Adding carob to your diet can provide you with many health benefits. Since carob is naturally high in fiber and has no caffeine, it’s ideal for people with high blood pressure. The low sugar and fat content also makes it a great dietary addition or chocolate substitution for people looking to lose weight.


Carob molasses is rich in calcium, zinc, and other minerals.
Calcium content is three times more than milk.
It is an excellent source of vitamins A,B2,B3,B6,E and gives power to body.
This vitamins are effective for asthma, bronchits, heartbeat. It is an expectorant.

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carob molasses
carob molasses