Carob Powder

The fruit of the carob tree are attracting attention in recent years due to  use as a substitute and/or alternative for cocoa because it is anti allergenic. Although it has higher sugar content than sugar beet and sugar cane, it is a food that also lowers cholesterol.  

     It is a 100% pure and natural product with high sugar content, obtained exclusively from Carob.

Advantages Over Cocoa

High Natural Sugar Content. Light in calories. Low fat content. Correct potassium and sodium balance. Absence of Caffeine and Theobramine. Lowering Cholesterol,Much Lower price.


Chocolate bars, coataing for ice-cream, biscuits, cakes, syrups. Health food candy bars. Bakery products. Ice-cream, dairy and non dairy drinks. Toppings,cake mixes coated snacks. Confectionary, caramel, nugget clusters, drops, instant drinks

carob powder
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